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Langley BC

About Langley British Columbia

If you are interested in exploring the wonders and adventures of Canada's Pacific coast, then it's time you made plans to visit Langley BC. Fort Langley is also located here and it's a small fishing village located on the bank of the Fraser River in the province of British Columbia. The village is only a few minutes away from the Sea Gate ferry that crosses the BC ferry from Seattle to Victoria BC. The closest big city to Fort Langley BC is Langley itself.

There are many things to do in Langley BC. You must visit Fort Langley BC if you're looking for a picturesque hiking spot and a wonderful place to spend a few days. A hiking trail leads straight to the parking lot of Fort Langley BC. You can take a bus tour from downtown Vancouver or get off at Kitsilano Beach. The trailhead is always visible by looking out towards the ocean. After exploring the hiking trail, you can go back to the parking lot, or you can explore the fort on your own.

Besides hiking, you may also want to try some other things to do in British Columbia. Fort Langley has a National Historic Site. Even though the site is not officially open to the public, you can still enjoy it. You may be required to have a special visitor permit, but it is well worth it to visit this National Historic Site.

For those of you who are interested in history, you will find lots of historical sites to explore in the town of Langley BC. Among the most popular historical sites is Fort Langley. The British soldiers who served at Fort Langley during the Canadian Second World War are commemorated every year in the town. Fort Langley was destroyed by the Germans in 1940. However, the National Trust has preserved most of it as a historical site. Today, it is one of the best-preserved military camps in British Columbia.


You will find lots of great things to do in Langley BC when you take a trek up to the top of Mount Langley. One of the best things to do in British Columbia is horseback riding. You can either hire a coach from the riding grounds or just walk up to the top on your own. You will be able to see beautiful views of the mountains and valley below. If you like to haggle with the locals, the top of Mount Langley offers excellent shopping opportunities.

If you love wine and food, you should visit one of the region's largest wine estates, Rabbit River Vineyard and Winery, which is located near the town of Langley itself. In addition to producing award-winning wines, the winery has also been making cheeses and jerky for customers in the British Columbia area for over forty years. It also produces small-scale ales and lagers. Many visitors to Langley BC come to sample the local foods while touring the farm. One of the most popular meals there is duck and barley soup. The other popular dishes are crab cakes and goose puddings.

Langley BC has a rich history. You will discover a fascinating glimpse into the early settlers and their lifestyle during the townsfolk market, held every Wednesday, at the corner of Commercial Street in the downtown area. Traditionally, that market has been held on the last Wednesday of each month, in the same location. In addition to the fresh produce and meat markets, the township of Langley also has numerous antiques and antique shops. The vista of this historic town will allow you to see some of the most elegant buildings in Canada that were made more than 100 years ago.

Garry Richard's Water Heaters Only

Garry Richard's Water Heaters Only in Langley

If you are in the mood for something a little more intense, you can spend time exploring the beautiful countryside surrounding the towns of Langley and Surrey. If you love horses, you will be thrilled by the many horse trails that will take you up and down the mountain in the unique terrain of British Columbia. The fastest and most convenient way to get around is to ride your own horse. There are many riding schools throughout the region that offer trail rides, daylong packages for several days, and weekend classes as well.

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